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2016 New Year party of Nanjing Norman Biological Technology


The sheep year of 2015 faded away in the joy of growth and harvest. The Monkey year of 2016 come in expectation and the passion. In everyone's earnest anticipation and careful preparation,2016 Chinese New Year party officially kicked off on February 1 in the Mingfa Pearl Spring Hotel.


At the beginning of the party, president of Norman company, Mr He Shizhao congratulated all the staff and guests. Mr He reviewed the excellent results in the year of 2015, and made clear the overall planning of the company operating in 2016, including business objectives, key work, also expressed best wishes to Norman employees and their families. 

The 2016 new year party filled with warmth. The moment when staff from every departments toasted and hugged made very Norman people deeply shocked, felt a lot. As an important member of Chinese diagnostic industry, Norman will continue to adhere to the program of action of "R&D shapes future, concentration determines success", constantly contributes own strength to forward the development of global diagnostic industry 



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